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Career Guidance

Career Guidance

The cut throat competition in job market at all levels demands a special obligation on the part of every academic institution to extend such support system that may enable their wards not only to attain academic excellence but to find a comfortable placement or a suitable career for their settlement in life.

Being a law college imparting legal education at all levels of academic programmes, the College takes keen interest in turning out the students to be responsible citizens with commitment in the process of upholding justice and nation building. For the purpose of supporting the student in their academic progression and career option, the institution established a Career Guidance and Counselling Cell with committed faculty of well informed and dynamic dispensation. This Cell operates as resource centre of information with wide linkages; Governmental, non; governmental, private entrepreneurs, Bar and Bench and other agencies.

The legal profession is assuming a multidimensional proportion in the backdrop of globalization. The advancement in science, technology and information management created online culture and escalation in cyber crimes and consequently the job opportunities and employability of legal professionals has increased proportionately at global level. In this context the Career Guidance cell plays a crucial role in guiding the students to various openings suitable to their competency, economic resources and personal options. Since most of our students intake is from socially, economically, academically backward region of Maharashtra, the students require a well planned and organized career counselling at the institutional level for their career progression.

Various Programmes Undertaken by the Cell.

1)    Database Centre  – The Centre operates as a repository of database with regard to employment opportunities published in news papers and other media, personal communications requiring law students in Legal Firms, Lawyers office, offerings from Legal Process Outsourcing department, offerings from NGO’s, to participate in socio-legal surveys, linkages with various agencies requiring the services of Law graduates and so on, besides regular employment opportunities that any graduate of any discipline are eligible to opt.

2)   Regular Bulletin of information regarding employment opportunities in Advertisement Board

3)   Entry in Service Coaching Programme – The Centre provides free coaching to SC/ST and minority students for the following services

  1. Judicial Magistrate First Class
  2. All India Bar Examination
  3. Law Officers
  4. Other civil services relating to Law
  5. NET/SET

Study material will also be provided free of cost to all the students enrolled in various programmes. Though this programme is organised with special focus on the SC/ST/OBC students, the students from general category are also permitted to get the benefit of this free coaching programme. The Cell also provides free accessibility to search data base for employment opportunities. If any student requires personal guidance and personal counselling, the Centre extends every needed help in such specified cases.

4)   Coaching Programme for Soft Skills and Spoken English – In the process of globalization it has become inevitable for any professional to acquire skills in computer literacy and English language. India being a multi-linguistic country, it becomes more pertinent in the profession of lawyers who are pursuing litigation at Local, District, State and National Levels, to attain proficiency in English language, particularly, English being the medium of argument at High Court and Supreme Court Level. Utility of computer and knowledge in computer skills has become a part of legal profession, by virtue of which an entire office of any leading Lawyer can be carried in his laptop. Computer literacy enables any lawyer to have accessibility to data store base in pursuit of his litigation. Keeping this essential factors of Legal profession in mind, the Management of the Collage considered to provide training programmes in soft skill and spoken English to the students at free of cost. Accordingly a three month programme in every semester is arranged by inviting experts in soft skill and spoken English during the evening time. This programme helps the students to attain skills which could be useful for them in their career.

5)     Campus Selection Programme – The sincere efforts put forth by the Career Guidance Placement Cell yielded expected results in helping the students in choosing their careers and profession. Though due to remoteness of geographical location, College could not attract multinational companies and law firms from metro cities, of late, the Latur Municipal corporation conducted campus selection and provided employment to a few students.

Placement within the College – Post graduate students are guided to find placement as part-time faculty in the College itself. Almost every year at least 15 of our post graduate students are provided placement in the College itself.


Career Counselling – Mr. Dhananjay Gaikwad, Founder of Maitree Institute, Latur delivered a guest lecture on “Career Counselling” on 23rd January 2021.

Use of ICT in Legal Practice – Dr. Mahajan S.A., Librarian, Dayanand College of Law, Latur delivered a Guest Lecture on “Use of ICT in Legal Practice” on 09.03.2021.

Career After Law- Competitive Exams and Beyond – 30.06.2021 – Adv. Nikam Ajinkya Graduate from National Law School delivered a lecture on “Career After Law-Competitive Exams and Beyond” on 30.06.2021

Introduction to JMFC Examination – Apart from various lectures held by legal luminaries, Asst. Prof. Swati Patil, Dayanand College of Law, Latur guides the JMFC Aspirants on a regular basis. She has been instrumental in success story of various JMFC candidates on 09.07.2021.

Indian Penal code : A Practical Approach – Adv.J.P. Chitade delivered a Guest Lecture on “Indian Penal Code : A Practical Approach” on 28.07.2021.


Pradeep Kumar Sonwane IRS delivering a lecture on “Challenges of Competitive Examinations” and how to sneers fully crack competitive examinations.

Prof. Baldev Machve, Director Vertex Academy addressing to the students on the topic of “Importance of English Language in legal Profession and development of Communication Sills”

Hon’ble Arjun Jadhav, JMFC was invited to address and motivate the students with regard to JMFC Examination. While sharing his views to the students.

Adv. Ajinkya Nikam, graduated from National Law School delivered a lectureto the students on the topic of “Legal Essay writing and recent land mark Judgement”.


Lecture Series on Competitive Examination held on every second and fourth Saturday;

First session started with an “Introduction to Judicial Examination” by Miss Swati Patil, Asst. Professor Dayanand College of Law, Latur.

Renowned Advocate and Legal Luminary Shri. Adv. Sanjay Pande graced the occasion on 18-08-2018 and delivered the “Role of Judges in Administration of Justice and the Students Role as Future Member of the Judiciary”.

A series of Lecture were delivered by Miss. Swati Patil., Asst. Dayanand College of Law, Latur on subject like IPC, Contract Act and Specific Relief Act.

4.A series of lectures were delivered by Adv. Prashanth Marale, Advocate District and Sessions Court on the subject ‘Evidence Act’


“One Day Workshop on Introduction to Judicial Examinations” – 23-09-2017- former Principal District and Session Judge, Latur Adv. R.Y. Shaikh was invited to address the students for JMFC preparations.

Orientation towards saving and Investment Policies under SEBI- In Collaboration with Dayanand Commerce College, Law College conducted a workshop on Savings and Investment Polices. Prof. Sarika Daima Lecturer, Commerce College was invited to address the Staff and Students.


Functioning of Lokadalats

Adv. Mrs. Chayya Malwad, Advocate Latur district Bar, Latur and Panel Member of District Legal Services Authorities Latur was invited to enlighten the students about the Functioning of the Lokadalats.

A lecture on Career Opportunities through NSS was delivered by Prof S.V. Dongare.

Felicitation to Juridical Magistrate First Class Qualified Students- 10th June 2017- JMFC qualified seven students were felicitated by the Hon’ble Management and Principal Dr. G.K. Pillai at Dayanand Education Society’s Office.

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