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Maintenance of Facilities

Maintenance of Facilities

The physical academic and support facilities laboratory, library, sports etc are regularly maintained. Budget provisions are made for maintenance upkeep of all physical, academic and support facilities. Technicians and competent professional personnel are appointed for maintenance of sensitive equipment like computer, laptops, projectors, cameras and other equipment.

  • For the maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure, the Institution consults the professional architects/ engineers/consultancies. AMC agreement is done regularly with various agencies.
  • During all maintenance and up gradation work related to civil and electrical, a supervisor is assigned by the college authority to ensure the work done by the contractors and all other agencies.
  • The electrical equipments and systems are maintained by the appointed electrician of the college. All minor faults are attended and repaired by hired technicians, carpenters, etc.
  • Renovation, beautification and painting of the physical infrastructure and campus are done as per the needs through external agencies.
  • For the uninterrupted power supply, the College has UPS backup, inverters and generators which are maintained through AMC Agreement.

The maintenance of computer hardware and IT enabled systems are done through AMC agreement with Ramdev Computers, Latur.

The maintenance of sport facilities and Gymnasium equipments are done through outsourcing, whenever required.

Sweeping and cleaning of the classrooms, passages, departments, etc are done every day by the support staff. Maintenance of laboratory is outsourced through external agency by AMC contract. Electrician, plumber, gardener, etc special trained staffs are appointed to look after the overall maintenance as per their skills.

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