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Grievance Redressal Cell

Grievance Cell is constituted for redressal of the grievances of faculty, staff and students. Meeting of the cells is conducted regularly to examine the grievances of faculty, staff & student, received and the Cell proposes necessary measures to be taken by the Administration to resolve the same.

Fortification of human rights is crucial for all round growth of an individual’s personality. To realize the primary needs of the students and staff and secure civil liberties for everyone, a Grievance Redressal Cell has been set up. The cell is intended to find solutions for grievances like physical or mental harassment, complaints regarding call class room teaching, class room management, completion of syllabus, teaching methodology, infrastructure maintenance and up gradation, etc., if and when they arise. The Grievance Redressal Cell has been set up in the college to honestly understand the grievances of students and parents and to ensure remedial action.


The main objective of the Grievance Redressal Cell is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational environment on the campus. The objectives of the Grievance Redressal Cell are:

  • To develop organizational framework to resolve grievances of students and other stakeholders
  • To provide the students access to immediate, hassle free recourse to have their grievances redressed
  • To find systemic flaws in the design and administration of various departments and to pursue result thereon
  • To institute a monitoring mechanism oversee the smooth functioning of the college


  1. A grievance refers to any form of discontent or dissatisfaction with any aspect of the Institution.
  2. The dissatisfaction must arise out of the college and not due to personal or family problems.
  3. The discontent can arise out of real or imaginary reasons. When Students feel that injustice has been done to them, they have a grievance. The reason for such a feeling may be valid or invalid, legitimate or irrational, justifiable or ridiculous.
  4. The discontent may be voiced or unvoiced, but it must find expression in some form. However, discontent per se is not a grievance. Initially, the students may complain orally or in writing. If this is not looked into promptly, the students feel a sense of lack of justice. Now, the discontent grows and takes the shape of a grievance.
  5. Broadly speaking, thus, a grievance is traceable to be perceived as non-fulfillment of one’s expectations from the College.
  6. College Grievance Redressal Cell follows the principles of natural justice to adjudicate the complaints.

College Grievance Redressal Cell

The formation of College Grievance Redressal Cell at the institution level inturn, shall verify the facts and try to redress the grievance within the reasonable time, preferable within two week. Members of the College Grievance Redressal Cell workout with necessary or corrective action as it may deem fit, to ensure avoidance of recurrence of similar grievance at any of the complaint, the persons at all level shall observe principles of natural justice.

Objectives of the College Grievance Redressal Cell are to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the institute and ensure effective solution to the student grievances with impartial and fair approach. College Grievance Redressal Cell empowers to entertain and arbitrate the matters in relation to the student’s grievance. It consists of members and it acts upon certain expressive rules and exercise the rule for the execution of CGRC.

If the student is not satisfied with the verdict or solution of the constituent CGRC then the same shall be placed before the management. Aggrieved students formally requires to approach by lodging the complaint also handover to the Members of the CGRC or dropping the application in the Complaint Box, which is arranged at the conspicuous place in the College premises. After receiving the said application CGRC, it shall be fixed the date for hearing the complaint. Further, Result of the meeting to be to be communicated to the students.

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Dr. G. Laxman Chairman
2. Dr. Panchal G.G. Member
3. Dr. Jadhav N.D. Member
4. Dr. Chinte V.V. Member
5. Dr. Nathani P.P. Member

The College Grievance Redressal Cell(CGRC) shall exercise the following position and perform the following functions, namely

Sr. No. Role and functions of College Grievance Redressal Cell
1. To receive the applications of the students by Members of CGRC or Complaint Box of the Institute and process them further.
2. To find-out the applications, open the lock of the Complaint Box regularly, promptly and weekly once during period of College working days. The Complaint Box is fixed in the conspicuous place in the College premises and its lock is being opened by the Members of the CGRC on every week end.
3. To attend all applications with regard to the Grievance of the students
4. To initiate proceeding of cognizance of an application, there must be a complaint or application from the students in the complaint box otherwise no recordation of the opening the complaint box.
5. To initiate proceeding of cognizance of an application, any Member of CGRC ought to obtain complaint from the students otherwise no recordation of the same.
6. To entertain and consider the genuine grievances of the students. It may here the students in person by giving opportunities of hearing.
7. To hear all the concerned parties and settle genuine grievances as early as possible.
8. To counsel the students whenever necessary to resolve their grievances.
9. To give advice to the students through correspondence.
10. The CGRC shall not discuss with any sub-judice grievances.
11. It shall make efforts to settle the dispute amicably.
12. To prepare and submit the recommendations relating to the redressal of grievances to the concerned.
13. To considered and submit recommendations and suggestions in respect of reforms in the working of various sections/departments of the College relating to the redressal of grievances of students.
14. To prepare Minutes and Action Taken Report of the meeting of CGRC and submit it to the Principal, Students of the College.

Role of chairman of CGRC

  1. Any nominated Teacher of the Institution shall be the chairman of CGRC
  2. The chairman shall preside over the meeting of CGRC also finalize the date of meeting of CGRC in discussion with Members of CGRC
  3. The chairman shall be the primary officer of the CGRC. He shall be the custodian of all records, if any, placed at the disposal of the cell
  4. The chairman shall prepare the Agenda for the meeting of the CGRC in consultation with the Chairperson and shall communicate the Agenda with all necessary documents of students to all members prior to the meeting.
  5. The Chairman shall set up meetings of CGRC with their members in order to redress the Grievances in 15 days of its receiving
  6. He shall also attend the meetings and shall be responsible for maintaining a record of the minutes of the proceeding of the meetings.
  7. The Chairman shall intimate the Decision/Resolution/Minutes/Action Taken Report of CG RC to the concerned
  8. The Chairman shall discharge such other duties and functions related to Grievances of the students assign to him from time to time.

Meetings of CGRC

  1. The CGRC shall meet regularly as per the need in order to redress the Grievances Registered in a respective manner within 15 days of its receiving. If there are no Grievances, the CGRC shall meet once in every semester.
  2. The Chairman may direct to assemble a meeting of the CGRC at the place, date and time to be fixed in consultation with him/her.
  3. The Notice of the meeting shall be issued by the chairman well in advance and shall communicate to all members about its Agenda and necessary documents prior to the meetings by hand over the said papers.
  4. However, any non-intimation of notice by the members shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.
  5. In case of a meeting being called urgently the Notice and Agenda with necessary documents may be distributed to the members during the meeting. The procedure of any such meeting shall be such as the CGRC may determine.
  6. In case the Grievance is against any of the members of the CGRC, the concerned Member shall decline to vote himself from the proceeding on such issue. However, the concerned student shall have choice to approach the (University Grievance Redressal Cell (UGRC) for the Redressal of his/her Grievance.

Place of Meeting of CGRC

  1. The Meeting of the CGRC shall be held in the premises of the College during the working days and working time of the College.
  2. The Chairman shall communicate venue, date and time of meeting of CGRC to all members of CGRC and students who have registered their grievances prior to the meeting.

Quorum of the Meeting of CGRC

The Quorum for the meeting of CGRC shall be three, including Chairperson

Decision by majority of meeting of CGRC

All matters of any meeting of the CDRC shall be decided by majority of the members present and voting and, in case of a tie, the person presiding shall have a second or casting vote

Minutes of the meeting of CGRC

  1. The draft minutes of the meeting shall be prepared by the chairman and confirm it from all members within seven days after the meeting
  2. The minutes shall contain a record of the decisions taken and resolutions passed by the CGRC in the meeting and the discussions of the meeting shall not ordinarily form part of the minutes
  3. The gentleman shall submit the confirmed minutes of the meeting of the CGRC to concern.

Attendance of CGRC

  1. Chairman shall maintain the record of all attendance of each meeting of CGRC
  2. Every member shall sign the attendance sheet during every meeting

Appearance before CGRC

The complainant student may appear in person. If student is incapable to attend/ represent his/ her grievances, then his/ her representative (preferably parent) other than legal practitioner may be authorized to present his/ her case in any proceedings before the CGRC

Nature of grievance to be entertained by the CGRC

The grievances or common grievances of students related to college only shall be considered by the CGRC

Registration of grievances

  1. Any student desiring redressal of his grievances may register his/ her grievances in the respective manner otherwise no grievance is entertained to be registered.
  2. The student shall write necessary information required for registration
  3. The grievances with inadequate or false, ambiguous, etc. such complaint shall not be entertained by CGRC.

Disposal of applications

  1. On receipt of applications of grievances of Students, the Chairman shall scrutinize the applications along with members of the CGRC and prepare the meeting
  2. Non accepted applications shall be communicated to the student in writing by CGRC
  3. The CGRC shall communicate the date time and place of the meeting to the students who have registered their grievances before the meeting with the help of administrative staff of the institution
  4. The CGRC me call for the applicant to supply further information as may be necessary and also discuss the grievance personally with the applicant
  5. The chairman may ask for all the parties related to grievance to give clarification in writing with necessary documents and provides it to all members.

Non entertainment of Application

  1. No applications for redressal of grievances shall be entertained if the CGRC is satisfied that –
    a) The applicant has knowingly made false statement or furnish the false information
    As regards to place of residence, education, educational qualifications, etc
    b) In an application, there is no primafacie case for considering it
    c) The application is frivolous or fictitious.
    d) The matter is sub-judice in any court of law
    e) If there is gross delay.
    f) Having regard to all the circumstances of the case, it is otherwise not reasonable to consider the application
  2. In case of any false or frivolous complaint the CGRC may recommend appropriate action against the complainant student.

Processing of applications

  1. The CGRC self prepare requisite number of sets of all the applications received personally or through Complaint Box from the students and documents of other parties on which complaint has been made and handover it’s hard copies to all members of CGRC at the time of meeting.
  2. In case of any false or frivolous complaint, the CGRC me recommend appropriate action against the complainant student
  3. The CGRC self consider the case on the basis of the noting prepared by the chairman
  4. The CGRC shall deal with case on the basis of the provisions of the acts rules regulations statutes ordinances circulars and directions of the university and on the basis of natural justice equity and good conscience
  5. The CGRC shall hear the all the concerned parties related to the complaint in person/ individually/ collectively whatever the requirement of the case by following principles of natural justice
  6. Efforts shall be made to settle the grievances amicably after hearing all parties
  7. Efforts shall be made to settle the grievances within 15 days of its receiving

Consideration of application

  1. Each member of the CGRC shall study the applications cases sent to them in advance
  2. Applications shall be discussed in the meeting and further line of action shall be decided
  3. The concern students or any other person or teaching staff or administrative staff or non teaching staff or official who is concerned with the grievances of the students may be called during the meeting of the CGRC whenever necessary and they may be heard in person.
  4. If the CGRC finds it necessary it may refer any matter to an expert and obtain his or her opinion
  5. After following all the procedures encumbered and under sub- rules R.( 1) to (4) above, the CGRC may formulate its recommendations on the Application.

Recommendations of application

  1. The CGRC shall communicate a copy of order decision resolution to all the students whose grievances were mentioned in the meeting
  2. The CGRC sell see the implementation of resolutions decisions made during the meeting of CRC on the top priority basis
  3. If the CGRC comes to the conclusion that any of the employee officials is involved in misconduct they can recommend departmental inquiry against him or her

Pursing the of application

  1. The chairman and member secretary shall keep in touch with the concerned sections and see that the decision is implemented immediately
  2. After the decision is finally implemented the same shall be incorporated in the action taken report and submit it to all the members of CGRC
  3. The member secretary shall upload the decisions resolutions minutes action taken report of CRC on the notice board

Appeal on the decisions

  1. The student may prefer an appeal on the decision given by the sea GRC to university grievance redressal cell you GRC within thirty days from the receipt of the decision of the CGRC
  2. In such case the student shall apply again on the portal available on the website of S.R.T.MUniversity, Nanded within thirty days from the receipt of the decision of the CGRC.

Stop of the CGRC the principal shall assign one administrative staff junior clerk and peon for working of CGRC

The chairman of CRC shall go do publicity to the functioning of the CGRC through various modes of publicity like website prospectus notices etc for the information of the students teaching staff administrative staff and non-teaching staff

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