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Code of Ethics for Research

Code of Ethics for Research

The college has started code of Ethics to check mal practices and plagiarism in research it is to be followed by our faculty and researcher such that all faculty and research scholars are committed to pursue research on society, organization and industry without compromising from moral and ethical values. It is mandatory that the researcher should focus to increase the dignity of the college. With reference to above all faculty members, researcher and students undertaking research study strictly follow “code of Ethics for Research developed by our college. The main objectives of this code of ethics are check malpractices by the researcher in their research work; prevent plagiarism in writing research publication, dissertation and thesis. The main reason to frame this code of ethics is to prevent and check wrong work in research study.

Code of Ethics for Research are Set by the college to:

  • To promote ethical working culture in the field of research study
  • To prevent and check malpractices in research dissertation, thesis writing etc
  • To suggest the parameters of ethical research work to research supervisors and research scholars

Scope of the guidelines

The codes of ethics are related with the field of research work. The faculty members, research supervisors and research scholars undertaking the research work in the college are mandated to follow code of ethics.

It involves all the activities through which research data and other relevant information are collected, analysed, processed and disseminated including surveys and interviews and the reporting of research findings.

The following are ethical values addressed under the “Code of Ethics for Research” set by the college:

  1. Research Scholars should be sincere in all scientific work mentioned in the research study.
  2. The data and results to be reported, methods and procedures adopted and publication status should not be manipulated or  misrepresented nor mislead colleagues, granting agencies, or society.
  3. The researchers need to keep their undertakings and agreements honestly
  4. The Research Scholars are expected to avoid casual attitude and negligence with research work
  5. The researcher always required to keep quality paperwork and records of research activities, such as literature review, research design, data collection, data analysis, interpretation, drafted manuscripts and its communication with agencies or journals.
  6. The researchers need to respect patents, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property. Furthermore, one should never use others unpublished data, methods, or results without the permission of belonging person.
  7. Protect confidential communications, such as manuscripts, projects or grants submitted for publication, personnel records, deals or military secrets, and patient records used for requisite research.
  8. Faculty and students undertaking research need to put appropriate efforts to endorse social well being and to prevent or lessen social harms through research, public education and promotion, ultimately safeguarding the environment.

Parent university procedure for M.Phil and Ph.D.

The college is affiliated to Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded. The college is a university recognized research centre in the Faculty of Commerce and Management. The university (As per the circular no. PG/Ph.D./2015-2016/1163 DT. 18/09/2015) has made the Anti-plagiarism     Scrutiny   Compulsory by using the Anti-plagiarism   Software. The research scholar has to submit Application for antiplagiarism check to the central library through the research supervisor. Along with the application, softcopy of thesis/dissertation has to be submitted to check plagiarism (similarity index). After the software checking, the library issues the certificate as per the permitted similarity index. The certificate has to be submitted to the PG section of the university along with the final copy of the thesis/ dissertation.

The following is the list of the research scholars who has gone through the above procedure

List of Ph.D. Scholars who has done anti Plagiarism check

Sr. No. Name of the PhD Scholar Name of the Department Name of the Guide Title of the thesis Year of registration Date and report of Anti plagiarism Year of award of Phd
1 Soni Sagar Law Dr. Annie John Judicial Review of the Amending Power of Parliament Under the Constitution of India 09/05/2011 2013
2 Giri M D Law Dr. Annie John Judicial Approach on Child Labour Problem in India with Special Reference to Maharashtra 11/05/2011 25/01/2017
3 Pillai G. K. Law
4 Nathani P.P. Law Dr. B. Yuvakumar Reddy Woman Rights with Reference to Domastic Violance in India- A Socio-Legal Study 02.04.2009 19.09.2009
5 Mahajan S. Library Citation and content Analysis of Indian Bar Review 12/02/2011 12/01/2017 19/04/2017
6 Chinte V. V. Dr. Deshmukh P.N. Plyometric Prashikshancha golaphek kheladuchya Karyamanacha sampadanaver honarya parinamacha Abhyas 30/06/2009 Dec. 2021
7 Panchal G.G. Law Dr. Annie John Environmental Jurisprudence : A Shifting Paradigm of Judicial Activism in India 29/11/2014 28/02/2017 29/052017
8 Laxman G Law Dr. Panth Naik K Compensatory Discrimination in favor of Schedule caste and scheduled Tribes Under Indian Constitution A Study With Special reference to Interstate Migrants 23 Nov 2014
9 Mane S. B. Law Dr. Annie John Critical Study on Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression and Role of Media in India Democracy. 05/05/2011 05/04/2017 21/02/2018
10 Shinde P.G. Law Dr. Sunil V. Shinde A Study of 20th Century Markxist School in Maharashtra 21/09/2010 2018
11 Panchal S D Law Dr. Annie John Ouster and Finality Clauses and Scope of Judicial Review-A Critique 11/05/2011 29/03/2017 21/02/2018
12 Dr. Jadhav N. D Law Dr. Annie John An Analytical Study of Human Rights of Vulnerable Persons with Special Reference to Child in India. 15/09/2017
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