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Human Rights Education Center

Human Rights Education Center

         This is Six Months Certificate Course on Human Rights. Students who have passed 10+2 or its equivalent (Including Doctors, Engineers, IT Professionals, Teachers, NGO’s & Govt. Officials) with a minimum of 45% marks are eligible for admission.

Aims & Objectives:-      

            The national policy on education has laid considerable emphasis on value education by highlighting the need to make education forceful tool for cultivation of social & moral values. The process of developing into a modern nation, with new social, political and economical institution, and with emphasis on science and technology, has thrown up many new values and challenges in all areas of our national life. It is important that we examine these challenges and prepare our youth to face and resolve them, with this purpose college started certificate course in Human Rights.

The main objectives of this course are as follows:-

  1. To Sensitive the citizens so that the norms and values of Human Rights & duties are to be realized.
  2. To create awareness , conviction and commitment to values for improving quality of life through education and for advancing social & human well being
  3. To provide value based education etc.
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