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Moot Court and Internship

Moot Court and Internship

The targets of legal education are multi faceted and have been different at different times. The College established the Moot Court Club with the noble conviction that the goal of legal education is to turn the Law students into the best lawyers and legal luminaries to take an active part in socio political advancement and nation building.

The Moot Court Club offers theoretical, clinical and practical training to the students in techniques of lawyering. The students are provided a firsthand experience of the profession through pre trial procedures, attending trial, interviewing, counselling, moots, legal aid, para legal services and so on.

Moot Courts are one of the prominent means of simulated clinical legal education whereby a student takes the role of an advocate in a simulated Court room. The participation in moot Courts develops among the students the ability to identify legal issues, accumulate legal material, prepare arguments, plaints, framing issues, citing reference, marking documents,  examination and cross-examination (in theoretical aspect), presentation skills, Court etiquettes, and so on.

Though Moot Courts has been an informal part of curriculum during the yester years, it has outgrown the curriculum itself in the present day legal academic structure.


  • The Moot Court Club of Dayanand College of Law is established with a vision to help the students to develop practical skills and self-confidence.  It provides the research experience of collecting the relevant information on the specific issues involved in the cases and also to search for relevant citations.
  • The Moot Court Club is to inculcate and develop the very basic skills of advocacy and also to encourage and prepare the students to participate in different Moot Court Competitions.
  • The Moot Court Club conducts Interclass Moot Court Competitions to prepare well trained teams which can represent the College in State Level and National Level Moot Court Competitions.


The activities of the club are two folded-on the campus at the institutional level and off the campus.

  • On the campus activities

Inauguration of Moot Court Club – At the commencement of every academic year the inauguration of the Moot Court Club is organised by inviting legal luminaries and jurists.

  • Orientation Programmes

The Club organises Moot Court Orientation programmes by inviting Resource Persons who conduct programs on mooting techniques. The orientation includes power point presentation and demo case presentation by the senior students who represented the college at National/State Moot Court Competitions. Memorial (Written arguments and prayer)

  • Intra College Competition

Periodically the club conducts Intra College Competition to identify the best mooters and researchers from the college to constitute college teams.

  • Off the campus activities

1. Court Visits.

For expert training and practical knowledge, students are taken to Court visits to have a first hand experience as to how a trial is being conducted (Court trial observation) chamber visit.

2. Internship
On behalf of the college the Moot Court Club undertakes Internship Programs in which the students are guided to the senior advocates Chamber.For the purpose of Internship, 30 leading legal practitioners have graciously consented to train the students

  • Activities under Internship program
  • Client interviewing session
  • Client Counselling
  • Pre Trial preparation of documents
  • Drafting of plaint and pleadings
  • Legal Research
  • Citations and case laws
  • Framing of arguments
  • Prayers etc
  • The Court procedures for filing the suit/petition.

Annual Reports

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2 Annual Report of Moot Court Club 2019-20 View
3 Annual Report of Moot Court Club 2018-19 View
4 Annual Report of Moot Court Club 2017-18 View
5 Annual Report of Moot Court Club 2016-17 View
6 Annual Report of Moot Court Club 2015-16 View



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