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Disciplinary Rules

College Committees

The college insists on a very high standard of discipline among the students in tune with the status and reputation of the college. The Disciplinary Committee under the Chairmanship of the Principal is the final authority in this regard. The Committee issues time to time norms and standards for student’s behaviour and code of conduct. Violation of these norms by the students is duly punished. The punishment includes fine, ban on issuing the library books, even cancellation of admission in the light of the severity of the case.
The Smoking, drinking alcholic beverages, being inebriated in campus, dealings or consuming prohibited drugs, chewing pan or tobacco, immoral conduct and any behavior disturbing the discipline of the college is severely punished.
Damage to the property of the college is also severely dealt with and cost of repair and fine will be recovered from the students concerned or if concerned are not traceable Common Fine will be imposed. Thus, the college expects the students to take care of the property of the college as their own goods.

By exercising the power delegated by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor under Section 95 of the Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994, the Principals of Dayanand College of Law  have made the following rules of discipline for the students.

1.Every student of the college has to attend at least 75% of the classes. Those who fail to secure minimum attendance of 75% will not be allowed to appear for University Examinations.
(Note: attendance will be counted only if they are attending all the periods in a day.)

2. Attendance in practical classes will be compulsory. otherwise they will not be allowed to appear for Practical Examinations.

3. Attendance in Unit Tests and Pre-Semester Examination will be compulsory.

4. Every student is supposed to keep their Identity Card and use Digital Identity Card in the premises of the college and produce it as and when required by the Principal, Lecturers or any employee of the college or sister institutions.

5. Students of BSL,LL.BIst and IInd should attend the college in prescribed uniform or else they shall not be allowed to attend the classes.

6. Every student has to observe discipline in Class and College Premises, Library, Hostel, etc, in consonance with the best tradition of the college.

7. Every student is expected to observe silence in class. They are strictly prohibited to loiter or wander about in college premises or any where during the period of class.

8. Late comers will not be allowed to attend the classes.

9. Students are hereby instructed to switch off their Mobile Phones whenever they are entering in the college campus, otherwise punishment (including fine) will be imposed.

10. Students are not expected to do anything which disturbs the regular functions of the college.

11. Fine will be imposed on any student who damages college common property. If the wrongdoer is not traceable, Common Fine will be imposed.

12. Students are prohibited from doing any acts (Such as, late arrival, leaving the class before the bell without permission, chit-chating, etc.) which disturb the classes individually or commonly.

13. Smoking, chewing-tobacco, consumption of intoxicating liquors, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or any pro­hibited substances in the college premises are strictly prohibited

14. The students are expected to take at most care of the library books, Fine will be imposed if the books are lost, students have to pay 1½ (One and half time) of the existing price (Market Value) of the books as penalty.

15. Every student has to return the Library Books and Journals within time limit specified. Failure to return the Books and Journals in time will invite fine or any other appropriate punishment.

16. Every student has to return all the Library Books and Journals to the Library before the commencement of the University Examinations or at the time of obtaining “No Dues Certificate” from the Office.

17. Every student has to follow rules and regulations of the Library Advisory Committee from time to time or else severe punishment will be imposed.

18. Every student has to follow the instructions given by the concerned teachers during Youth Festival, Debate Competitions. Moot-Court Competitions, etc.

19. Every student should follow the instructions given by the Director of Physical Education and Sports during sports activities on the ground or during the play and in college premises.

20. Students should use the parking space provided for parking their vehicles, otherwise punishment (including fine) will be imposed.

21. As far as possible all decisions regarding Inauguration of the Students Council, will be taken by the Students Council,. even then decisions taken by the Professor-In-Charge and the Principal will be final and binding on all.

22. The students are expected to attend only those Class or Division to which he / she is admitted, otherwise fine will be imposed.

23. The students are not expected to keep any dangerous or harmful weapons or material, etc. with them.

24. Students have to collect their Hall Tickets for the University Examinations on the date specified by the college otherwise fine will be imposed.

25. Student has to obtain ‘No Dues Certificate’ at the time of issuing Hall Tickets.

26. It is the responsibility of every candidate to submit proper documents. Any attempt to submit documents which are not genuine, will lead to cancellation of admission of the candidate, forfeiture of fees, deposits and expulsion of the candidate / student from the college by the Principal or by his authorized official. The name of such candidate / student/s shall be deleted from the Merit List.

27. As per the provisions of Maharashtra Act XXXIII known as Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act of 1999 students indulging in ragging can be punished under the Act resulting in suspension, expulsion from the college and imprisonment.

28. All the students are expected to follow the rules and regulations laid down by the Disciplinary Committee or the Principal from time to time in addition to the above mentioned rules and regulations.

29. The students are expected to follow the above rules and regulations strictly else severe action (including fine) will be taken against those who violate the above rules.

30. Violation of the discipline of the college or irregularity in the college or any above mentioned rule /rules of discipline for the students will be severely treated and their admission will be cancelled.

University Act, Statutes and Ordinances

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