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Seminars / Conference

We take pride in proclaiming that the institution has conducted good number of Seminars, Workshops and Conferences at Local, Regional, State and National levels. Contemporary issues of Socio-Legal significance particularly matters related to Human Rights, Gender issues, contemporary trends in teaching methodology are the main topics opted for seminars

Seminar method of teaching has been adopted by the College as one of the identity and bring out intellectual abilities and competency latent in all the students. This method proved to be the most successful instrument which yielded desired results in placing the wards in sustainable positions.

This method is equally beneficial to the teachers to upgrade their knowledge at global standards which in turn can be disseminated with the students.

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List of Seminars / Workshops organized during the last four years

  • Workshop on ‘Emerging Trends in Legal Education’ on 11.4.2010
  • A Seminar on ‘Female Foeticide’ conducted on 9th October 2010
  • A Seminar on ‘Juvenile Justice Act’ conducted on 23rd October 2010
  • A Seminar on ‘Right to Information, its uses and abuses’ was held on 27th Jan 2011.
  • A Seminar on ‘Pre-Marriage Counselling’ on 05.02.2011
  • Interactive Workshop on the Role of Bar in Legal Education on 18th May 2011
  • One Day Seminar on ‘Federalism and Working of Indian Constitution’
  • One Day Seminar On ‘Ya Haluvar Vayashi Julvun Ghetana’ on 25.09.2011
  • One Day workshop on ‘SEBI’ dated 20.10.2011
  • One Day workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization’ on 10.03.2012
  • One day workshop on ‘Probation of Offenders Act and Probation System in India’ on 18.03.2012
  • One day workshop on ‘Module for Implementing the Law Students Internship Program’ on 10.07.2012
  • Two day National Seminar on ‘Dialectics and Dynamics of Human Rights’ on11th and 12th August 2012.
  • One Day workshop on ‘Hand Writing Expert and Expert Opinion’ on 26.11.2012.
  • One day workshop on ‘Various Avenues Open in Legal Career’ on 23.02.2013
  • Two Day National Seminar on ‘Violence Against Women – Need to Awaken the Conscience of Humanity’ on 29th and 30th March 2013.
  • One Day Conference on ‘Judicial Activism’ on 7th August 2013
  • One Day Workshop on ‘Domestic Violence’ on 6th January 2014
  • One Day Workshop on ‘Empowerment of women’ on 18th January 2014
  • One Day Workshop on ‘Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act and Criminal Law (Amendment) Act’ on 8th March 2014

Seminars , Conferences and Workshops Conducted by the College.