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The traditional social structure, cultural norms and value systems continue to place Indian women in a situation of disadvantage in terms of role relationship, decision making and sharing responsibility. Their social status is still shrouded by a variety of institutional complexes, inter personal relations and myths. To enable them stand in the great task of National development and to make them know about their role and status in today‟s social, economic, educational, legal, cultural and political spheres, this centre is constituted. It is intending to promote and strengthen women‟s studies through teaching, research, dissemination of knowledge and field action. The Centre has accepted the social responsibility to spread the feminist perspective, develop and empower the women and to create gender sensitization to increase the sensitivity of people at large towards women and their problems with following goals:

  • To create a value system in society that accords explicit and spontaneous recognition to the contributions of women in socio economic development and respect their wisdom
  • To create a system that makes women conscious and bold enough to recognize their own contributions and make them feel proud of it.
  • To make the socio-cultural climate that discourages gender biased practices and promotes rational behaviour and response on the part of men and women.
  • To educate the students about the power relation between men and women in society.
  • To create self confidence, self dignity and self respect among girl students.
  • To assess women’s contribution to the social processes
  • To find out women’s own perception of their lives, the broader social reality and their struggles and aspirations
  • To assess roots and structures of inequality in the society
  • To facilitate research in areas relating to women and gender studies with special emphasis on issues related to women.

Activities of Women’s Studies Centre 2017-2018

1.One Day Seminar on Gender Sensitization – 24/09/2017

Women’s Studies Centre organized One Day Seminar on Gender Sensitization on 24th Sep 217. Dr. Suresh Khole, Social Activist, Pune was invited as the key Speaker of the Program. It was arranged by Dr. P.P. Nathani and Dr. S.D.Panchal

2. One Day Workshop and Training Program on Self Defence for Girls – 23/07/17

Mrs. Surekha Giri was invited to give training on self defence techniques to the girl students at Dayanand hostel the purpose behind the program was to give small Learnings which can give girls the skill and confidence to fight against abuser. Every girl should know to give herself the best. More than 300 students got the education about these techniques.

3. Tree Plantation Program at Hostel – 23/07/17

To inculcate the sense of responsibility towards Environment conservation tree plantation program was arranged at Dayanand Girls Hostel. All Girls inmates enthusiastically planted various tree in the Campus with Ladies Committee.

4. Dandiya Program – 28/09/2017

Navratri Utsav was celebrated with full fun and enjoyment on 28/09/2017 at Dayanand Girls Hostel.  To motivate & encourage the students and to bring out their hidden talents, best dress, best dandiya players awards were awarded.

5. Socio-Legal Survey at Latur Jail- 23/10/2017

Volunteers of the Legal Aid Committee, under the orders of Hon’ble High Court and District Legal Services Authorities conducted a survey regarding the facilities available at undertrial prison at Latur especially to women. 20 students participated in the survey along with the Co-ordinator Dr. Shubhangi Panchal on 23rd Oct 2017.

6. Participation as a Resource Person in One Day workshop on CEDAW –Women and children Rights- 12/01/2018

On behalf of Women’s Studies Centre and Human Rights Education Center Dr. G.G. Panchal on the invitation from Dept. of Social Sciences, SRTM University, Nanded Delivered a lecture on CEDAW and its Implementation and acted as a Recourses person in One Day Workshop organized by SRTM University, Nanded in the collaboration with National Human Right Commission, India on 12 January 2018.

7. A Program on Women Empowerment- 28/01/2018

The Program was arranged to empower and educate girls and to shape their future and accelerate progress. It’s a small step to make them know about their role and status in today’s social, economic, educational, legal, cultural and political spheres. Hon’ble Mrs Vrushali Joshi, Principal District and Sessions Judge, Latur and Mrs S.M.Shinde District and Sessions Judge, Latur were invitedto sensitize the girls. Hon’ble Management Dayanand Education Society, Latur also graced the occasion. It was coordinated by Dr. P.P.Nathani

8. World Cancer Awareness Day -02/02/2018

The program was arranged to stress upon the early detection and cure of cancer by creating awareness One can detect it with its signs and symptoms and can consult a doctor at a very early stage. Dr. Mamta pariekh, Dentist surgeon was invited to address our students. Main purpose for observation of the day was to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment which will help in reducing illness and death caused by cancer. The Program was Co-ordinated by Dr. P.P. Nathani.


9. International Women’s Day Celebrations – 08/03/2018

The College under Women’s studies Centre celebrated International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018. The College acknowledged the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women Mrs. Uma Vyas, women activist and her group were invited to sensitize the students on gender issues. The group played Skit on “the Changing Roles of Women in Modern Society”

10. One Day Training Program on Self Defence – 10-03-2018

Fourteen Girl Students got training for Self Defence on 10/03/2018. Mrs. Smita Khanapure, President, Congress, Latur organized One Day Program to empower the ladies to defend ourselves. Mrs. Surekha Gire was invited to train the students.

11. Visit to Family Court – 22nd March 2018

The Centre conducted Family Court visit for the students on 22nd March 2018. The students watched conciliation proceedings conducted in Family Court and observed the way of Settlement of Disputes relating to Marriage and Family affairs. More than one hundred and twenty students participated in the visit.

12. Guest Lecture on Legal Aid and Legal Services Authorities – 23/03/2018

Hon’ble Shri R.Y. Shaikh, retired Principal District Judge, Latur was invited to deliver the lecture on Legal Aid and Legal Services Authorities. The Lecture was arranged by the Women’s Studies Centre and ADR Practical for LLB II year and BSL IV year students. The Guest focused on the provisions of Free Legal Aidto women.

13. Legal Aid Camp at Aambulga Village – 09/04/2018

The College organized One Day Camp at Ambulga village on 9th April 2018. More than one hundred thirty students participated in the Camp. The purpose behind the Camp was to empower villagers regarding their rights and to resolve their legal issues. The students worked to provide Legal Education and to build public awareness about the Laws. Four skits were performed by LLB II year students and BSL IV year students on various contemporary issues to inform the villagers about their rights. Six lectures were also delivered.

The Legal Aid Camp was inaugurated with the auspicious hands of Senior Advocate Shri. Madhavrao T. Ingale, and Senior Advocate Shri Jambhavantrao Sonkawde.

Students provided an inexpensive service of basic nature like legal advice, drafting of petitions and their documents of legal importance. Students of the college, under the guidance of their incharge teachers rendered legal services and tried to resolve disputes of local people by mediation. Students entertained the family issues also.

The visit made them to realize the reality of the society. The camp was conducted under Women’s Studies Centre Legal Aid Clinic and ADR Practical. Dr. P.P. Nathani, Dr. S.D. Panchal, and Shri R.R.Shetty conducted the Camp.

14. Socio-Legal Survey conducted at Ambulga – 09th April 2018

Socio-Legal Survey was conducted at Ambulga with Legal Aid Camp on the same day on 09th April 2018. Students were grouped to do the survey which helped in establishing good relationship with the people so they could openly discuss their legal issues with us. Students responded calmly and patiently and satisfied them with proper legal advice free Legal advice was provided to the Public in general. Firsthand information was collected and was analyzed under the guidance of Dr. P.P. Nathani, Dr. S.D. Panchal and Shri R.R. Shetty.

  • Faculty is motivated to participate and present women related articles in various seminars
  • Students are encouraged to opt women related topics for their dissertation as a part of curriculum in LL.M Program
  • As a part of curriculum in LL.M-I year students are encouraged to opt women related issues for non-doctrinal research assignments.
  • Volunteers of the Centre also contribute their articles on women issues in the College Magazine.
  • The Centre is promoting Women’s studies for Research Program leading to the award of Ph.d Degree.
  • The Library is enriched with valuable books of reference on women’s studies which are very much useful for research work.

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