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Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Cell:-

In view of the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and UGC Regulations thereof, the Dayanand College of Law, Latur has taken the following preventive measures to eliminate the scourge of ragging among our   students and to provide them healthy development,both physical and psychological.

(1) Constitution of Anti Ragging Committee

(2) Constitution of Anti Ragging Squad

(3) Mentoring Cell

(4) Affidavit by Students

(5) Affidavit by Parents

(6) Declaration of intent in the College Prospectus and website as per UGC guidelines

(7) Meetings by Principal with various functionaries/agencies

(8) Database to Anti Ragging Web Portal maintained by Bar Council of India.

(9) Display of names and contact number of members of Anti Ragging committee and Anti Ragging Squad.

(10) Video – show of Anti Ragging Documentary from UGC Website for all the students.

(11) Anti-Ragging Sensitization programmes

(12) Guest Lecture on ‘Eve-Teasing

 (1)Constitution of Antiragging Committee in the College (2013-14) :-1

 In order to ensure strict compliance and monitoring of Anti Ragging measures as laid down in UGC Regulation, college has nominated the following representatives-

(1) Head of the Institution/College :- Dr. Annie John
(2) Representative of Civil Administration :- Mrs. Smruti Patil (Dy.Collector)
(3) Representative of Police Administration :- Mr. Tirupati Kakade(Dy.S.P.)
(4) Representative of Police Local Media :- Mr. Arvind Reddy (Sub Editor Sakal)
(5) Representative of Faculty members (1) Dr. S.T.Suryawanshi (Asst.Prof.)
(2) Mrs. S.D.Panchal (Asst.Prof.)
(3) Mr. V.V.Chinte (Asst.Prof.)
(4) Mr. P.G.Shinde  (Asst.Prof.)
(6) Representative of Parents :- Mr. Sanjay Bora
(7) Representative of Students (1) Miss. Poornima More (LL.B-II)
(2) Mr. Rohit Patil (LL.B-III)
(8) Representative of Non-teaching :- Mr. Dhanraj Joshi(O.S.)

(2) Constitution of Antiragging Squad (2013-2014):-

(1) Dr. Annie John : – Principal
(2) Shri. Pillai G.K. : – Assistant Professor
(3) Shri. Patil B.B. : – Assistant Professor
(4) Dr. Suryawanshi S.T. : – Assistant Professor
(5) Shri. G.Laxman : – Assistant Professor
(6) Shri. Panchal G.G. : – Assistant Professor
(7) Shri. Chinte V.V. : – Director of Phy. Edu & Sports
(8) Shri. JadhavN.D. : – Assistant Professor
(9) Shri. Mane S.B. : – Assistant Professor
(10) Miss. Nathani P.P. : – Assistant Professor
(11) Shri. Shinde P.G. : – Assistant Professor
(12) Miss.PanchalS.D. : – Assistant Professor
(13) Shri. Katpure M.D. : – Librarian

(3) Affidavit by Student

 In order to ensure strict compliance and monitoring of anti-ragging measures and make students aware of the prohibition of ragging and the punishment. Prescribed, both under penal as well as under the UGC Regulations and also affirm to the effect that he/she has not been expelled and or debarred by any institution and further aver that he/she would not indulge, actively or passively, in the act or abet the act of ragging and if found guilty of ragging and/ or abatting ragging liable to be proceeded against under these regulation and / or under any penal Law or any other Law for the time being in force, college has obtained the affidavit from students while seeking admission to the college at every academic year.

(4) Affidavit by Parents :-

 In order to achieve the objective & as aid down in the UGC Regulations for curbing the menace of ragging, college has obtained affidavit from parents/guarding of students also, duly signed by the concerned parents/ guardians of the applicant to the effect that he/she has read and understood the provisions of these regulations with same effect as laid down in the affidavit by students.

(5) Declaration of intent in the college prospectus:-

In view of drawing the attention of the prospective students for admission with regard to any Law concerning ragging and-its consequences college has declared it’s intent in the prospectus of every academic year. While students registering their admission they are informed that ragging is totally prohibited in

the college / institution, and /or abetting ragging, is liable to be punished -in
accordance with these regulations as well as under the provisions of any penal Law for the time being in force.

(6) Meetings by Principal with various functionaries/ agencies :-

For curbing the menace of ragging, the principal of the college, has conducted meeting of various functionaries/agencies’, such as Hostel Wardens, representatives of students, parents/ guardians, faculty, district administration including the police, to discuss the measures to be taken to prevent ragging in the college/ institution and steps, to be taken to identify those including or abetting ragging and punish them.

 (7) Affidavit and other information in electronic form :-

 College has obtained the affidavit of students and parents and other information of students and maintained a proper record of the same and is kept in an electronic form, to be accessed easily when required either by the commission or .any of the councilor by the college/institution or by the affiliating university or by any other person or organization authorized to do so.

(8) Database for anti-ragging web-portal

College has uploaded all the information as to anti-ragging committee, Antiragging squad and other related information on the college web-site. As well as this information is sent to the Bar Council of India.

But fortunately no case of ragging has found in our college / Institution so far.

(9) Display of names and contact numbers of members of ‘Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad’:-

The names and contact numbers of Members of the Anti Ragging Committee is displayed at the entry passage which is conspicuous to all students.

 (10) Video – show of Anti Ragging Documentary from UGC Website for  all the students

As per the UGC instructions the video on the UGC website is shown to all the students and wide publicity given.

 (11) Guest Lecture on ‘Anti Ragging Measures’:-

 A Guest Lecture is organized to sensitive the students against Anti-Ragging to refrain them from such activities and inform about Anti-Ragging Committee, Anti-Ragging squad.

 (12) Guest Lecture on ‘Eve-Teasing’:-

Guest Lecture on Eve-Teasing was also organized to avoid such incidence from the campus and provide good atmosphere of the college.

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