Kerala Law Academy



The college imparts knowledge in following subjects for B.S.L.,LL.B.(Five years) Degree Course, LL.B. (Three Years) Degree Course, LL.M.(Two years) Post Graduate Degree Course , D.T.L. (One year) Diploma Course,Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Process and Soft Skill(One year), Certificate Course in Human Rights (Six Months) and Certificate Course in Cyber Law (One year).


Revised Syllabus For BSL,LL.B(Five Year)(w.e.f.2010-11)

  1. BSL First Year (First Semester & Second Semester )
  2. BSL Second Year (Third Semester)
  3. BSL Second Year (Fourth Semester)
  4. LL.B.(Three Year Course) Ist Semester & B.S.L(Five Year Course) Vth Semester
  5. LL.B.(Three Year Course) IInd Semester & B.S.L(Five Year Course) VIth Semester
  6. LL.B.(Three Year Course) IIIrd Semester & B.S.L(Five Year Course) VIIth Semester
  7. LL.B.(Three Year Course) IVth Semester & B.S.L(Five Year Course) VIIIth Semester
  8. LL.B.(Three Year Course) Vth Semester & B.S.L(Five Year Course) IXth Semester
  9. LL.B.(Three Year Course) VIth Semester & B.S.L(Five Year Course) Xth Semester

LL.M. Two Years Degree Course               

  1. LL.M. Ist  Year (Ist Semester)
  2. LL.M. Ist  Year (IInd Semester)
  3. LL.M.IInd  Year (IIIrd Semester)
  4. LL.M.IInd  Year (IVth Semester)

LL.M. One Year PG Course (Corporate and Commercial Law) 

Diploma in Taxation Law (D.T.L.)

Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Process and Soft Skill. 

Certificate Course in Human Rights.