Kerala Law Academy

Cultural Activities

 Department of Cultural Activities

The development of human personality is multi-dimensional. The human mind which gets thoroughly exhausted because of the daily hectic work, always need a space to relax and ease out.  The overall personality of a student would be achieved not only through the academic activity but it requires ventilating the hidden talents to attain a total personality. The college provides ample opportunities for the students to project the hidden talent. The Department of Cultural Activities is undertaking to discover the hidden talents in the students and providing a platform for the exposure of their talents in various facets like drama, skits, mono action, mimicry, mime, singing-classical, semi classical, folk, solo and group singing with orchestra, instrumental music,  painting photography, rangoli, elocution, debate, public address, essay writing and so on.

Dayanand College of Law’s campus life has been steadily moulded over many years by its vibrant student body, as diverse and talented, giving birth to dynamic and multi faceted campus culture ensuing a campus bursting with energy and activity.

With innumerable campus events and programmes, there is never a dull moment in Dayanand College of Law. Its events calendar is always packed with a steady line of activities through every academic year, ranging from celebrations of diversity, our intra college festivities, a string of celebrations during the Annual four day long Social Gathering, cultural packed with literary and athletic extra vaganza of epic proportions.

Aims and Objectives

  • To identify and strengthen the hidden talents in the students.
  • To develop healthy competitive spirit among the students.
  • To develop spirit of fraternity and patriotism among the students.
  • To provide a platform for the holistic development of the students

Annual Gatherings

Annual Gatherings is the grand gala student event which is celebrated in great jubilation with hectic cultural activities towards the end of the every academic year. Distinguished personalities from different walks of life are invited to exalt the students on various topics. Students get ample opportunity to perform and entertain their fellow students and staff. Students are awarded prizes and certificates of merit for their excellence in curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities including sports.

Gandhi Research Foundation Merit Award

Gandhi Research Foundation an NGO, spreading Gandhian Philosophy and Thought among the educational institutions in the State of Maharashtra, regularly conducts examinations and award prizes to the meritorious students and Institutions, to encourage and promote Gandhian Philosophy.

Dayanand College of Law was awarded a Certificate of Excellency for efficiently conducting the examinations in which 66 students participated. Miss Kalpana Jayram Suryawanshi BSL-II stood IInd in the Merit and secured a silver medal. Dr. Mrs. Annie John, Principal, Dayanand College of Law received the certificate for efficiently conducting the Examination under the co-ordinatorship of Prof. B.B.Patil.